Leather jackets are becoming popular over the years. The fashion of leather jackets as evolved for many years. It has changed because new styles are introduced to the market at a very fast rate. Choosing a perfect leather jacket to suit your style is very important, because leather jackets are not cheap items.
There are several types of leather jackets available in the market which suits different people depending on body types. The jackets trends are greatly influenced by popular celebrities in the world, and if you want to be up to date just like your favorite celeb, here is a review of popular leather jackets types this season.

Leather Biker Jackets

There are many motorcycle leather jackets in the market. The leather biker jacket has a unique style of its own, its mote fitting as compared to the bomber jacket. The leather jacket has been in fashion for several years. It was popularize by Marlon Brando a character in “The Wild One”, Dennis Hopper in the movie “Easy Ride” and James Dean who acted in “Rebel without a Cause” and it’s still in fashion.

The jacket is made from tough leather which can protect you and it’s more durable. In many counties it’s mandatory to wear this protective leather jacket when riding a motorcycle. The biker leather jacket is one of the most sought after jacket by celebs in movies, music and sports.

The Duster Leather Jacket

The Duster leather jacket comes in two forms either a full coat or three-quarter. The duster leather jackets originated from the cowboys while herding their cows. The jacket protected them form rain and wind and its still common with motorcycles. The re-emergence of duster leather jackets has been inspired by movies such as “Underworld” and “The Matrix”

Leather Bomber Jackets

The leather bomber jacket is one of the popular jackets in the world; the jacket became popular in the 40’s during the Second World War. The leather bomber jacket was worn by military personnel and the Air Force Pilots. The jacket was preferred by many soldiers due to its tough leather which not only protects you from cold but also can protect you from fire. Leather bomber jacket has made a huge comeback in the fashion industry.
This timeless jacket has been spotted by some of the superstars and celebrities. The jacket is extremely appealing which adds glamour to your look. Some of the poplar leather bomber jackets which are inspired from movies include the following: Hank Moody Black Bomber Leather Jacket, Casino Royale Bomber Jacket, Transformer 3 Bomber Leather Jacket, Terminator Bomber Jacket and Wall Street Bomber Jacket.

Fashion Leather Jacket

This is a fashion statement leather jacket example The Thriller leather jacket for Michael Jackson, was designed for fashion purposes. The jackets are designed to make statement in the fashion industry and there are commonly worn by celebs and superstars. The Fashion leather jackets are popular in the world.

The Moto Leather Jacket

The Moto Leather Jacket is one of the popular jackets this season. This jacket gives the wearer a cool and funky look. The Moto Leather Jacket has a hood to cover the head. The jacket can be worn by motorcycles riders and can also be worn casually. The Jacket is common among the popular rappers in the USA.