This has previously been termed as Android Pay. It makes purchases at physical stores using just a smartphone. This is so cheap and works on devices having an NFC chip with a higher Android tech. It can be used in any store with a contactless payment terminal.

It’s explored worldwide and can work with several online businesses. More details focused on this discussion include its usage, the banks it supports, its comparison with competitors and more.

How Google pay starts

The first and most important thing is setting up the payment systems on your phone. This usually takes a few minutes. One is supposed to download the free Google Pay app from the Google Play Store. Launch it; it will then prompt you for a camera, easing the scanning process of credit/debit card into your system.

With that, you can start using Google pay for payments in stores. Perhaps you must ensure your phones NFC service is on. Perform a Google search for reliable information in case you are confused. Although nowadays most devices have their NFC turned on by default.

What goes on when at a store and wants to make a purchase

First, you should unlock your phone. Hold back of your device close to the credit card terminal for a few seconds. That particular spot placing a phone is different for every terminal. It’s always advisable to ask the cashier for assistance in case of trouble shouted. While against the credit card terminal, the device will wirelessly communicate with the machine and effectively make payments for your purchases. A blue checkmark will appear on the screen where a series of animations might be displayed first. This confirms that your purchases are cleared. In the end, you must enter the pin depending on the number of investments or else sign the receipt.

Google pay can be used in apps like Uber or in cases of shopping online. In case a merchant agrees with it, tap the Google pay button and follow it.

This Google pay supports many banks regardless of size. However, its services differ from one country to another especially India compared to others. In the current era, it’s more advanced in the money sector. It lets you send money to family and friends. It’s done just by using their email address or phone number. Hence, it has become similar to PayPal and Venmo. It can only be supported, on devices running Android 5 or higher.

Google Pay’s biggest rivals are Samsung Pay and Apple Pay. Samsung is available in 24 countries which are slightly put behind Google. It uses secure magnetic transmission (MST) in addition to NFC. It works with more or less payment terminal unlike Google Pay itself. Apple Pay then is available in 33 countries. Its ahead of both Samsung and Google pay. It transmits data via NFC but doesn’t support MST technologies.

However, Google pay will make its way to various and more advanced countries shortly. One can access it even if the battery dies while out or about. It’s usually more fast and easy as a credit card.