How to Change Snapchat Username

Well, some of the apps sometimes we just find ourselves so curious to know how they work or what they entail. For instance, you may find yourself creating an account on snapchat with a funny name then, later on, you start disliking the this will definitely make you to change your username.


It’s very unfortunate that you cant change your Snapchatchange your Snapchat username. Snapchat claims that this is for security reasons and that means you will have to create a new account to get a new username. You don’t have to delete your snapchat account though, all you need is just to create a new one and alert your followers to add you again. Here is how to do all this in a simple way:

  1. Download Snapchat on Android or iPhone.
  2. Tap the blue Sign Up button.
  3. Fill your personal details and tap Sign Up and Accept.
  4. Now key in your new Snapchat username.
  5. Follow the instructions on-screen to set up your account.

That is the simplest way on you can change the snapchat username whenever you want to change.