Below are a few things that have been announced that set the trend for app development in 2018 and beyond.

Cloud Computing

The storage of apps has really been enhanced by the introduction of cloud computing. A good example is Dropbox which has been providing cloud storage for both individuals and businesses and adding extra features like encryption and file or folder sharing.

Mobile & Desktop Synchronization

Combination of operating systems between mobile apps and desktop apps sometimes becomes the best solution.  Windows 10  aims to communicate well with iOS and Android phones to give you a more seamless experience when switching from phone to desktop and vice versa. This will allow you to send SMS or email and browse a shared webpage from within Windows 10.


Internet-Of-Things (IoT) is a  system of devices that are connected to the cloud to enable apps to perform remote operations, automation, and monitoring.


Blockchain technology is the backbone of cryptocurrency and it’s an open, electronic ledger that is regularly updated and shared through internet globally.  It shows all transactions that occur with cryptocurrencies like bitcoin so that there is a public record of its movement. Its open nature ensures security from fraud and makes it an attractive option for mobile banking and e-commerce app solutions.