When shopping for a smartphone, size does matter. Nowadays a phone is not just a phone, but the presence of various features matters, one of which is the size. Apple introduced this issue of capacity on their iPhones. Other phone manufacturers scrambled and came up with such designs with more critical dimensions. Since 2014, less than 4 inches have pretty kind of disappeared. The apparent advantage of the bigger smartphone considered is, it allows more text to be displayed, making a call, and even more convenience while researching online. For those using the phone for media definitely, they will go for a bigger screen. Some of the other reasons include:

Camera and photos

The bigger the size of a phones screens the more improved composition of your photo. However, a larger display won’t improve the actual quality of your photos.


The larger the screen means your accuracy will be improved since its more comfortable to see where one should be tapping. Still on that screen, one can follow the game action more quickly. The icons in the bigger smartphone are also more spread out, giving no chances to hit the wrong key or button.

Spreading out

Speaking of this, the larger the screen of your smartphone, the more accurate you will be with your touchscreen either when online or offline. It doesn’t matter whether it is in the keyboard or other tightly packed options.  For example, like the Facebook app, tagging, viewing photos, making profile pictures, all these will be easy. The bigger size of the smartphone translates more accuracy.


This one is self-explanatory for whoever tried to watch a video on the phone.  People usually go out to and pay high prices to watch a movie on a big giant screen. The same case applies to a big sized phone. The film will be exciting and viewable.

A distinct advantage of app splitting

Android users have introduced this new model. Using the bigger smartphone, one can split screen display.  One can download an app enabling broken screen functionality, thus allowing you to view two different apps at once.

A bigger screen also has a sense of the size of the battery, which is being bigger. The more increasing the size of a phone is, the more significant the battery and the more the battery life. However, larger phones are a bit more challenging to carry around. In terms of making a voice call, to most people, that’s a reasonable trade-off to make. For years these big phones are portable computers which allow us to make voice calls as well as powerful computers. Larger phones aren’t for just anyone. Some people do only use their smartphones for petty reasons. It could be to make a voice call, occasionally browsing their webs or just looking for a photo or two. As an individual, if this is your thing, then a bigger phone cannot make any sense to you.