Kids getting involved in various exercises, fitness and running are now under a simplified task. Fitness trackers for kids have been invented to help them remain active in their daily workouts. These watches are usually durable easing parents work on monitoring their kids. Some of the best fitness trackers for kids include:

Garmin Vivofit JR 2

This is Garmin’s second generation in kid’s fitness tracker. It is almost the same with vivosport and vivofit 4 versions. This watch is capable of counting steps as well as tracking total consumed time on a workout. It also monitors sleep. This tracker is branded with Marvel and Disney themes, unlike other kids’ trackers. They all have a unique theme of band and face of the watch. It usually performs these added features when paired with a phone. It’s a water resistance tracker. Its design remains suitable for all children according to personal likes and preferences. Has games which reward and motivates kids once they reach points targeted with long-life battery span.

Fitbit Ace

This is a supper tracker with lightweight.It is of a flexible rubber material. Its body is made of stainless steel with a matching clasp. The tracker too is waterproof and can survive to some extent depth of water. It has a small band which ensures fitting on of kids as per their size of wrists. It tracks steps, monitors active minutes as well as keeping tabs on sleep levels.  Kids also can earn achievements whenever they complete a particular activity. It consists of just two views: a parent and a child’s view. This enhances proper security for kids while it allows parents to control and take over some apps and accounts. However, the battery life takes fairly long to 5 days of continuous activity.

Leapfrog Leapband

This is the best activity tracker more game-oriented than other kids trackers. Its also cheaper compared to Garmin Vivofit JR 2, Fitbit Ace and most trackers. However, it still maintains its attractive color which motivates kids to be more active. It is featured with award winnings called jewels whenever an activity is completed. Initially, ten inbuilt games for kids existed.

The more this kids’ fitness tracker got advanced, another 40 existed which can be unlocked after certain game levels. Some of these games are important in a way, you may find children being taught about healthy, nutritious foods which guides them earlier how to eat healthy. Leapfrog Leapband contains a default” move mode “which assists parents on tracking kids’ motion. This empowers parents with full control over some specific activities. It also contains an app allowing parents to decide when a child can access certain play modes basing on age levels.

Kurio Watch 2.0

This watch is more of an activity tracker for kids, unlike others. The watch got the power to take pictures and videos as well. The customized Bluetooth enhances communication between the parent and a kid. The bands are usually interchangeable and be customized according to a child’s style. This ensures the kid is engaged and entertained while working out.