There are more competing designs while operating systems are getting better time to time. The Smartwatch has to be everything in one: a fitness tracker, wallet and even a phone. However, the choice of Smartwatch can only be dictated by the smartphone one is using. Alternatively, wear OS with Google platforms can work seamlessly.  These smart watches for iPhone users include:

1. Samsung Galaxy watches active.

It’s the best smartwatch for iPhone users. The watch works with both Android and iOS smartphones. In addition to its sporty design, this watch offers built-in GPS, heart rate sensor, water resistance, Samsung pay support plus advanced heart health features. One is also capable of downloading music for Spotify to watch while offline.   This watch can automatically track your activity and sleep with other heart health features.

2. Apple watches series 4

This is the pick of the best smartwatches for iPhone users. It has a massive display with the ultra-fast processor. It’s capable of raising the tone, fall detection as well as a built-in heart sensor used for electrocardiograms. These smartwatch runs watch OS 5 making it more useful with automatic workout tracking. It’s also featured with offline podcast playback along with a walkie-talkie voice chat. Generally, this stylish package is just impressive than its predecessors.

3. Fitbit versa

Fitbit industry has already released a colorful version of its popular versa Smartwatch. It’s a popular watch most meant and suitable for women. It has a battery life of utmost 4 days.  Its inbuilt GPS works effectively when connected to an iPhone. It has a heart monitor, waterproof feature and more compatible IOS Android. It’s also more advanced with favorite apps such as Starbucks and Pandora

4. Garmin Vivoctive 3

This takes Garmin’s fitness tracking prowess. This stylish Smartwatch comes in three models at an affordable has onboard music storage along with LTE connectivity

5. Amazfit Bip

It’s an ultra-affordable device worth its price. This Smartwatch works with IOS and Android coming along with inbuilt GPS. It’s also capable of heart monitoring however limited functionality. It’s one of the best cheap watches for iPhone users through no respondent to incoming notifications

6. Fossil sport

It’s a beautiful in nature kind of a Smartwatch. Fossils are stylish and run on Google’s Wear OS platform .this feature makes it more useful for Android and iPhone users although it isn’t great at tracking fitness it still falls in the smartwatches platform.

7. Apple watches series 3

It’s an affordable Smartwatch for phone users. Though it’s small, it has an inbuilt GPS with support for an Apple Music playlist. It also has a heart rate monitor and waterproof feature along with swim-tracking efforts.

8. Tip watch pro

This watch can be easily used with an iPhone. It has a transparent LCD with advanced full Wear OS experience. It has GPS, NFC for Google pay all at an affordable price

9. Misfit vapor

It’s a common choice especially for those interested in fitness, unlike other advanced features. It’s so compatible with iOS android with a fully-fledged wear OS Smartwatch.

10. LG Watch style

This is one of the thinnest smartwatches used alongside with an iPhone. It’s the best in the market sporting s sleek metal body. However, its battery life is a significant problem though more improvements are promised.