Samsung galaxy watch is an all-day companion. Its battery life is enough to talk, stream music and tracking exercise for up to 2 days of usage. This watch requires pairing with compatible Android smartphones running an advanced Android OS.  Samsung galaxy watch is capable of managing various devices connected.

It can control the lights, lock doors or adjust home’s temperatures. The user can access personal daily rundown. One can check appointments, receive reminders or browse the forecasts. It’s a water resistance device whether caught in a rainstorm or taking a lap in the pool. With the Samsung Galaxy watch, conversations are usually clear through an integrated voice mic and speaker.

The watch comes in two colorways, either black or rose gold.  When this watch is paired with a smartphone it controls music steamily in a quick manner. as a matter of fact, Samsung watch can independently text, make calls and send messages. When purchasing this watch it’s usually accompanied by various devices. They include wall adapter or USB cable, nice reference guide, important user safety information, charger along with product safety and warranty brochure. It also comes with a circular screen and a rotating bezel making it look more stylish, functional and durable.

Related restrictions

This watch auto tracks different workouts after several active minutes. At least forty workouts can be tracked manually. This device and other software are not used in disease diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment or disease prevention. Voice calling on LTE version needs an original eligible android to devise to be paired with. The watch’s additional bands are usually sold separately. The user needs to download the SmartThings app since it is not loaded on the watch. The battery life too depends on factors such as features, network available, and frequency of calls, data, and other related usage patterns

This watch is more of a fashion than even the known Apple watch. It is more screen focused making it bigger; circular meant to look like a wristwatch. However, the screen is slow to update whenever it is woken. It contains a functional rotating bezel making this watch look more durable.

There is also assured screen protection which is durable and prevents the display from getting scratched. Some opt to wear the watch to bed due to its helpful capability of sleep tracking. This is not recommendable due to its size in your wrist in the entire night.

The review

The Galaxy watch is the best refined Smartwatch. It has a gorgeous aesthetical design, cohesive user interface, and a whole four days of battery life.

The reason why galaxy watch runs the Tizen software it is due to supporting Google Wear OS. The significant difference between Gear S3 and Samsung watch is that it is more focused on fitness has additional sensors and an advanced sensor Samsung health app.

Samsung auto- detects exercises also having a reasonably accurate sleep tracker. It’s cheaper and more advanced than the Gear S3 was. Iterative updates have been confirmed like fitness software, new tech sensors and extra waterproofing.   However, more reviews are expected shortly from the Samsung Galaxy watch industry.