Refurbished Macbook are normally items that have been returned to the store for various reasons. Could be a user wanted a newer version of the product and thus opted for a trade in thus it could be of an older version of what is in the market. Others could have been returned probably because the user is not satisfied with the product and decided to return it. Apple have units called ex-demonstration units which they use to make presentations or were used to teaching purposes. These also could be returned to the store and sold as refurbished items.Refurbished MacBook

Before Apple sell any item as a refurbished item they ensure the item has gone through thorough testing and meet the Apple standards.  They also have the same one year warranty and sales return procedures apply. There are several reason one could decide to purchase these refurbished items as they are still in perfect condition and are very much useable.

Price and Warranty for refurbished MacBook

The most basic feature to look at in any item is the price. Refurbished MacBook’s are much cheaper then new one from the store. The price could even be as low as half the original price. This factors majorly when purchasing refurbished items.

As mentioned earlier, the warranty period for an Apple item is one year. This also applies to the refurbished item making the buyer no less important as the one buying the new one. The sales and return period are also the same in that in case of dissatisfaction, the buyer can return the item with the same terms and conditions.

Test Procedures

Before Apple put anything in the market, rigorous procedures and test are done to ensure the refurbished MacBook are up to the standards for the Apple market. You can imagine what test the refurbished items go through. They are double checked since the mindset of being refurbished give a customer the idea that it has been rejected. More often than not it is realized that refurbished items undergo more tests than the new items and thus have a longer lifespan and tend to serve the customer better.

Hardware and Software

The apple refurbished items normally come with a new outer shell and new battery. Everything else remains the same in terms of the hardware. So what is the difference with a new one? The software on the other hand is the same as you would get in the new Apple item. Taking this into consideration, the refurbished item is basically a duplicate of the new one in stock.


Apple refurbished items are many in the market provided you buys from a certified apple reseller. This makes any Apple product available if for example you were impressed by an older version of the item, you can easily get it from and Apple refurbished store. The stores will offer amazing prices.


An apple refurbished Macbook is packaged in a brown box unlike the new ones that come in white fancy boxes. The difference between the two as experience has shown is simply the box! The refurbished items basically come with the same specs and have been thoroughly tested. There is no cause to worry as the refurbished item will provide the same service as the new one will.