There are a thousand of movies produced in the world. The main purpose of a movie is mainly to entertain people. However, some people pay much attention to movies to an extent that they notice the outstanding fashion these celebrities wear on films. The celebrities have a great impact on the fashion movie jackets trends. Some people are influenced by what they see on the cinema and they will turn the world upside down to get the fancy jackets they saw on the movies. Here is a review of top timeless movies that inspired leather jackets.

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Indian jones jackets were inspired by the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark. The film was acted by Harris Ford who was known for wearing the Indian jones jacket. The jacket was designed by Deborah Nadoolman. Wested Leather Co was the original maker of the jackets which still procures replicas of the Indian jones jackets.The company makes standard sizes although you can still get a customized jacket on an order.The Indian jones jacket is not only a cool but also suitable for adventurous people like the archaeologists and explorers.

The Bourne Legacy

Rebel Without a Cause
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
The 1986 comic movie, which the main character Matthey Broderick become famous because of his Ferris Bueller leather jacket. The movie influenced many people to buy the luxurious leather jacket which is suitable for casual and formal events.
The dark Night
Say Anything
Back to the future

Fight Club

Brad Pit a common movie star featured in the Fight Club. Red is the most conspicuous color in the film.The red leather racing jacket become so famous because of the iconic superstar.
The Rocketter
Billy campmbell the main actor in the rocketeer made a great impact on the fashion industry.Billy was known for the aviator jackets which were common in the 30s. The Movie jacket makes people have a touch of heroism just like Bill on the Rocketter.
The Wild One
The movie wild one acted by Marlon Brando influenced the Johnny Strabler black jackets. He made the jacket iconic. The jacket is common on bikers,punks and ruffians. Schott are the original makers of the jacket.