All of Apple MacBook’s have bodies made of aluminum and the bottom metallic all round. The MacBook Pro comes in different screen sizes of 13 and 15 inches and are 18mm thick. The Airs come in screen sizes of 11 and 13 inches and are 17 mm thick

The weight also varies as the MacBook weighs at the range of 1.58kg to 2.02Kg while the MacBook Air weigh from 1.08 Kgs to 1.35 Kgs. The laptops come in several colors of Gold, Silver and Space gray. The screens are contoured and have rubber protectors around the display.The price is also great to meet your budget.

Screen Design

The MacBook Pros have a better screen quality as compare to the MacBook Air. The MacBook Air have TN LCD panels which give less resolution compare to the high resolution IPS panels used in many laptops. The panels do not produce great images and at times images seem blurred. The MacBook Pro on the other hand boasts high spec OPS LCD displays which produce richer images and have perfect viewing angle. Definitely the color performance is also enriched.

Power and Processing Speeds

Both the models vary in both power and processing. The Air models i.e. 11 and 13 inch have a dual-core Broadwell Intel core i5 CPU with a clock speed of 1.6GHz though this can be upgraded ti 2.2 GHz dual-core i7 CPU. The MacBook Pro is definitely on a higher level in terms of power and with the 15-inch model you get a quad-core laptop CPU.  The 15-inch laptop uses a Haswell processor which is much more powerful than the Broadwell CPU. The 15-inch MacBook Pro does well when it comes to gaming.

The RAM of the MacBook does also differ. The MacBook Pro 13 RAM is an 1866MHz LPDDR3 system unlike the rest of the MacBook’s which have a 1600MHz RAM making them much slower. The MacBook Airs by default come with 4GB RAM while the MacBook Pros all have 8GB RAM. This makes the Pros speed double that of the Air counterparts and the usage is much smoother in terms of performance. However as is conventional with Apple products, upgrading to 8GB RAM is possible but at a cost.

Storage and Battery Life


All MacBook’s use SSDs for storage. These are much faster than the HDDs used in the market. The only problem is the pricing. SSD storage is much more expensive.

Both the MacBook Air and MacBook pros originally have storage of up to 128GB SSDs which can be upgraded to 512GB. The Pro model however can be upgraded to 1 TB which comes at a cost.

Battery life has been a bone to content with in many modern laptops. Apple have invested a great deal in the life of the Battery used in the MacBook’s, both Air and Pro to the extent that the 13-inch pro gives up to 12 hrs while not on charge. The Pro 15 gives up to 8 hours. The Air 11 and 13 inch give 9 hours and 12 hours respectively. For normal office and light use clearly the MacBook Air 13 is recommendable while the MacBook Pro 15 inch works well for outside use in places where power is an issue.

MacBook Pro Graphics

The 15-Inch MacBook Pro offers NVDIA and Iris Pro graphics unlike the 13 Inch Pro which offers Intel graphics. This allows users to switch graphics and has perfect performance balance increasing the economy of the battery. Apart from the NVIDIA graphics card the Iris Pro graphics has its own DRAM that accelerates performance. These enhancements are a plus when it comes to gaming and are highly recommended for that use.

The MacBook Air on the other hand has an Intel HD Graphics 6000 which is less powerful to MacBook Pro. The graphics on the other hand are also not as powerful though the difference is not as visible.


Apple have been able to lower their prices in the competitive market. The MacBook Pro are relatively expensive as compared to the refurbished MacBook Air but the enhancements to the MacBook Pro give better feel and speeds. The graphic displays are exceptional and so is the battery life. Recommendations would fall on the MacBook air if the pocket allows.