iPhone 6 series as has always been with Apple devices comes in two devices namely the standard iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 plus. They are sleek and have curvy edges unlike the conventional boxlike look of Apple iPhones. The back is made from anodized aluminum and is smooth and friendly to the hand. The camera is enhanced and there are several commendable changes to the device. The power button has been moved to the right of the device and best of all it has a larger screen.

Security of IPhone 6

The iPhone 6 and its counterpart the iPhone six series Plus have gone a notch higher when it comes to security. The home button now serves two purposes. Along with having the main screen as all home buttons do, it activates a screen that has a fingerprint scanner. This helps to keep the phone safe as you have to swipe your fingerprint in order to gain access the device. This is what Apple is calling the Touch ID. The fingerprint hardware is compatible with the operating system iOS 8. This is definite a plus as to why you should have the iPhone 6 in your possession.iphone 6 series

Software development

The iPhone six series boast an enhancement in the software as it now uses iOS 8 which is a total revamp of its predecessor iOS7. The iOS 8 come in with a photo software pre-installed with a better map presentation. It is also capable of connecting to computers using Apple OS with ease and comes in well when connecting to the Apple i Cloud. The operating system is faster and is easy to use.

Apple Pay

Perhaps the best of the enhancements on the  iPhone six series ,it makes you use the phone like a credit card and is very secure allowing you to pay for your products and services. The fact that Apple have teamed with major card service providers make the Apple pay app global. Many more retailers are actually signing in to be able to use the Apple pay platform.

 iPhone 6 series Camera features

It has an 8 megapixel back camera and a 1.2 megapixel front camera. However as much as the cameras are not high definition cameras, the underlying software is great. It improves on the focus of the pixels and the result is crispy clear photos. The system is labeled the iSight System by Apple. It offers 3264 by 2448 pixel resolution for photos and 60 frames per second at 1080 pixels for videos. Amazingly it also has slow motion features.

Battery Life

With the increase in size of the  iPhone 6 Series compared to the iPhone 5 meant that the battery size also increased. This in not basically a result of the hardware but the software too plays a role in the new enhancement of the battery life. The new A8 processor and the iO8 operating system work hand in hand to ensure a synchronization with the software and the lighting thus holding the battery power for longer hours.

The iPhone six series when fully charged can go for as long as 14 hours with 10 hours of browsing, voice calls and 11 hours of audio. The iPhone six series plus on the other had will go for 24 hours of voice clls, 12 hours of light browsing and 14 hours of video. If listening to audio it can take a maximum of 80 hours.

Screen Resolution of iPhone 6 series

The screen resolution is great with the iPhone 6 series having a screen size of 4.7 inches delivering up to 1335 by 750 pixels resolution. The iPhone 6 Plus screen measures 5.5-inches and delivers to the user great HD of 1920 by 1280 pixels

Pricing of iPhone six

The pricing of the iPhone 6 is affordable and the capabilities design and feel are something to boast about. The finesse is above all other apple products. This is a must buy product from the Apple Item store.