The iPhone 7 plus has just hit the market and one thing it sure has to be proud of is the camera. It is probably the best camera any smartphone could ever have.

The iPhone 7 Plus has two lenses and sensors instead of the conventional single lens and sensor. The lenses are a standard 28mm lens with an aperture of f/1.8 and telephoto 56 mm lens with an aperture of f/2.8 respectively. The 28 mm lens is so improved and has a sensitive sensor and comes with OIS while the telephoto sensor does not. The two lenses are always in sync and function together at the same time this means that it has made zooming easier and it is possible to switch from a 2x zoom by just the tap of a button.

Camera features

The iPhone 7 has a 56 mm telephoto lens and a wide angle lens so you don’t have to click on the 2x button to zoom. Just holding onto the 2X button increases the zoom to tenfold zoom. Above 2x zoom is referred to as digital zoom while the 2x zoom is optical. However while shooting a video the maximum zoom the iPhone 7 Plus can achieve is 6x.

The iPhone 7 plus camera is a 12 Megapixel camera however the contrast of photos taken give detail on the color reproduction. However while shooting a video when using the two sensors the OIS feature is disabled.

It is of importance to note that the 56 mm telephoto lens works well in well-lit areas and if for some case the area is not lit well the normal 2x digital zoom will be used. The two lenses work well together in normal Portrait mode which is available in the iOS 10 beta operating system that comes installed on the phone.

The iPhone 7 plus has a front facing FaceTime HD 7 megapixel camera which has a quad flash installed on the rear side. It has features from its predecessor the iPhone 6 which include face detection auto focus and still photo taking. The camera app has not changed and is the same as the one used on its predecessor.

iPhone 7 Quality pictures

When shooting in 2x zoom the quality delivers. The colors are natural with a good amount of detail. The range is dynamic. The optical zoom as mentioned earlier works well outdoors.

However it is good to notice that when in HDR mode, there are a lot of artifacts appearing in the edges of the final image if the image was in motion. Nonetheless, in HDR motion when you use the 2x optical zoom the image delivered is crisp and clear almost like a panorama photo image.

The iPhone 7 Plus camera is a perfect camera for birdwatching and for those who take [photography as a hobby. It is a point to take that despite that fact, noise control detail retention and dynamic range are not productive on this camera when it comes to low lit areas.   The OIS ensures there is minimal shake on the phone camera.

The video on the iPhone Plus can shut a resolution of up to 4K videos though a slight heating is eminent while shooting videos but it isn’t enough to cause any harm to gadget.