The iPhone 7 series comes in two designs we have the standard iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 plus. As much as the designs look the same, there are slight differences despite the fact that the features have been enhanced as compared to the predecessor of the standard iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6  plus. The main differences come in the design, the standard iPhone 7 is much smaller and lighter than the iPhone 7 plus this means that the display is also smaller than its counterpart. The standard iPhone 7 has a single 12 Mega pixel sensor while the iPhone 7 plus incorporates two 12 Mega Pixel sensors However they are so much alike in their features and app capabilities.

Water Proof design for iPhone 7

Devices around the world have been in the competition of being water proof. Apple have finally come up with devices that have gone that direction. The two devices in the series have been tested and have passed the tests of immersion in water and showering with the device by mistake. The devices were tested in such conditions for 30 minutes and they passed the tests by coming out unscathed and in perfect working conditions. You are consoled if you mistakenly dropped your device in the toilet or a swimming pool by mistake.


No Earphone Jack

Apple has gone a notch higher by designing a device without the earphone jack. This may sound unreal as the box contains a pair of earphones on purchase. The box also has a toggle jack that pairs the earphones and the charging system alike. As a matter of fact, the iPhone 7 series encourages the use of wireless earphones and is compatible with most wireless earphones in the market. The wireless earphones use the Bluetooth technology.

Home Button

The devices have been designed with a new and powerful new home button. Unlike the conventional home button which you tap to go to the home page, the new button some sunken like effect and when pressed gives a vibrational kind of feel. This is achieved on the device due to a “taptic engine” inside the phone. It gives the user a sense of movement while in reality there is no movement. This technology has been introduces by apple while double tapping the device, when using the touch ID for finger print recognition and when generally moving to the home page using single tap motions.

 Stereo Sound

Apple removed the earphone jack and in its place it added a speaker on the iPhone 7 series, this means there are now two speakers at the bottom and an extra one at the top. This definitely increases the stereo sound of the iPhone 7 as opposed to the iPhone 6.

Camera Enhancement

The iPhone 7 series have enhanced bot the back and front cameras. The standard iPhone seven has a 12 Megapixel sensor and the lens has been improved. The front camera has a 7 Megapixel sensor. The flash has also been improved. The cameras have a new f/1.8 aperture lens and an additional optical image stabilizer which ensures sharper looking images. The color tests from these devices also provided sharper and brighter looking colors.

Processor Speeds

Upgrading any device involves upgrade in speeds also. This is true for the iPhone 7 series which has an A10 processor as opposed to the A8 processor the iPhone 6 series had. Loading and processing files is faster. Games load faster and so is the graphics rich.


The iPhone 7 series is definitely an upgrade of the iPhone 6 series and is recommended ad much as the removal of the 3.5 mm earphone jack has been criticized, the device is faster and more enjoyable to work on. The new home button gives it a subtle look and the antennas are hidden making it look and feel classier. It definitely is a device worth trying out. One Can purchase Iphone 7 in many stores online.