The bomber jacket traces its roots back in the world war one. The bomber jacket man was introduced by the UK’s Royal Marine Corps pilots who were flying the aero-planes without cockpits. The leather jackets was worn to shield the pilots from cold and also it’s was a safety gear which protect them from getting injuries during the war. The fashion diffused to other nations like the USA, who designed their own bomber jackets known as A-2 leather flight jacket, which was more sophisticated than the British bomber leather jacket.
However, today’s leather jackets are for fashion outwears. The perspective of bomber jacket has changed rapidly due to fashion trends. This original bomber jackets is made of sheepskin which provides warmth in cold environment and its one of the fashionable jackets for men to buy. This leather jackets can be used in casual and semi-casual occasions. Here is a guideline on what to look for before buying a bomber leather jacket.

Men’s Leather Bomber Jacket Features

The bomber jacket men are made from soft wool inner lining. The wool liners are important because it spreads heat from the body evenly which gives the wearer comforts. Furthermore, the wool is a natural insulator. A bomber jacket is made from leather materials which will ensure that the jacket last longer and a tight zipper closure.

Men’s Leather Bomber Jacket Style

The bomber jackets were originally made as military attires in the world war one. However, there are different styles which buyers can choose to perfectly match their preference. Here is a list of the bomber jacket men styles available.

  • A-2 Bomber Jacket
  • B-3 Bomber Jacket
  • Aviator Bomber Jacket
  • Eco Bomber Jacket
  • Hi-Visibility Bomber Jacket
  • Waxed Denim Bomber Jacket
  • Waxed Nylon Bomber Jacket
  • The hide skin used in jackets

When purchasing a bomber leather jacket ensure it’s made from pure animal leather. The type of hide used dependence greatly on the purpose of the garment. Beware of shops that use fake material to make leather jackets, which you might buy and end up regretting because it won’t last long. There are different bomber leather material used for making the garments, the quality depends on the on the animal’s skin. The thicker the animal’s skin the better the quality. The best material comes from buffalo and cow hide and it’s heavier. The garment can also be made from sheep skin which is more supple and light.

The Color of the Leather Jacket

Before you buy a bomber jacket, ensure that the color will match your wardrobe. This will ensure that you will wear the leather bomber jacket frequently without color clashing. Black jacket will always match with many clothes. You can go for brown colored jackets if you have beige, tan or earth tones. Choose a color that will make you comfortable and gives you a look that fits your personality.

Spotting a well Designed Bomber Leather Jacket

In conclusion, Leather jackets are very expensive therefore it is important to pick the best jacket of high quality and made from genuine leather. The following are features of genuine bomber leather jackets which can be spotted easily.

  • It has a YKK Zips is a high quality zip
  • Matching panels-Ensure that the different pieces matches in tone and color
  • No Loose threads on the jacket