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More powerful and feature packed best fitness trackers have been invented. They are becoming more feature-rich at an affordable price rate for individuals desiring to stay fit and healthy.  Fitness tracker guide mostly focuses on heart rate monitoring, sports tracking, sleep statistics and stress-free solutions. The best fitness tracker are all based on personal lifestyle and need.  Some contain built-in GPS for running to deliver required data.  They vary in different prices which can’t break anyone’s bank. These trackers play excellently across smartphone operating systems.

Garmin Vivosmart 4

This fitness tracker enhances proper fitness and weights adjustments.  It’s slimmer and well equipped for gym purposes.  It monitors heart rate; maximum testing and exercise detection automatically. This tracker is the most accomplished in the range of health bands. Lately, its battery energy monitor gives a better insight into how prepared one is for the next workout. It has IQ software which is helpful for those desiring to lift weights. However, no more advancement waits for the next-gen.

Garmin vivosport

The vivosport focuses on the best fitness tracker for runners.  It’s a moderate cheap device offering fitness tracking experience with run extras on top. It has a inbuilt GPS giving an ability to track running or cycling sessions as well as heart rate monitoring. Although, the tracker’s screen is tiny thus difficult to read live stats. Vivosport is a water-resistant device so it can survive in deep pools. Due to its dedicated GPS, Garmin vivosport  is the best option for running and gym activities.

Fitbit Ace

This a kids fitness tracker aged eight years and above. It’s designed on old features to give a mutual feel between children and parents. The device lacks a heart rate monitor though it counts steps as workouts are done. Battery life is up to 6 days. Kids can link the tracker to their respective phones for call notifications. According to handling data, Fitbit has ensured total compliance with child privacy laws. However, there is Garmin vivofit JR for kids above four which is fun and also motivates them to keep moving. In late 2019, advanced Fitbit ace is going to be launched with friendly options for kids probably aiming six years and above kids.

Moov Now

Moov now is a compatible fitness tracker, especially for swimmers. Although it is a few years old, the tracker usually gets advanced periodically. It’s waterproof to 30m but mostly focuses on coaching. It is one of the favorite fitness bands cheap and a flexible one. Its battery life is long to six months. 

The device is based on training as well as a swimming mode on top of running modes and sleep monitoring features. Moov HR tracker can slip under your swimming cap measuring heart rate from the start. It’s the best option for a great day tracker which is cheaper; it just suits perfectly. 

Various models have been evaluated based on design, performance and usage easiness.  Concerns on budgets too have been raised over best fitness trackers .Thus the industry has come up with solutions like Fitbit Inspire HR which goes for less than $100, Galaxy versions  for <$199. This is the promise of helping individuals live a more active and healthier lifestyle.