The best Android app has been on the increase. With the growing number of Android apps in the market today; the competition is high depending on the functionality desired by the users. However below is a list of apps that are a must-have to enjoy your Android experience.images

Download DeskDock best Android App

These is an app created this year and has a great functionality in that it can synchronize your desktop mouse to your mobile phone. It is easy to set up with a step by step user interface and once setup. You can use your phone as a monitor. It runs on all devices with Android 4.0 and above installed. One does not require root password to set it up; The app download is free though for the pro version you have to pay a small fee of $5.49.

Crap! I’m Broke

The app in the market helps one to manage your financial transactions and other money matters. It simulates management of the daily life routines like cleaning the house. It even affects ways of evading eviction and any foreseeable problems in your life. The user interface is friendly and graphical giving a real life experience in three dimensions. It is an excellent app in that you can get your zodiac sign and even input your new year’s resolutions and follow them to the latter. Download the Best android app right here

Unclouded best android App

With the growing trend of technology, you would love to be able to access your files wherever you are at any one time. These have brought about the storage of data on the cloud using applications like Dropbox and even Google cloud. The best Android app unclouded has taken this a notch higher. In that it enables you to access dropbox, google cloud and other cloud storage devices from your mobile device. It also helps you manipulate usage regarding storage and manage the files in the cloud devices as desired. It helps you know categories of data i.e. images or documents and which files are taking up your storage. These are a recommended app for those who operate a mobile office best for your daily need.Get the App at Google play-store.

LinkedIn Learning

One of the favorite free best Android app that is academic in nature. The apps main aim is to educate users in areas of technology, business, and creativity. The app has over 4000 courses to choose from and has the functionality of downloading the courses for offline use. The wonder of it is that you receive a certificate of completion on every course. One can share with your connections on the LinkedIn network. However, it is important to note that the courses are fundamental and just give an overview of the courses at hand while downloading.

Cerberus – Protection App in the market

These are a second to none anti-theft best android app in the market. It helps in tracking of stolen devices using the web or by text messages. It has the capability of wiping out the device by deleting it contents in case of theft. Its an alarm system and a unique code to lock the device. The app has a free trial that can be downloaded right here and a one-time fee of $2.99.