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This is the best apple smartwatch one can own. This watch was initially launched back in 2015. Its potentiality became clear when the apple industry realized the watch capabilities. It had a heart rate sensor giving high heart rate alerts as well as providing information for medical treatments. Since then the watch has been regarded as special. Series 4 contains the upgrades like bigger display, thinner case, faster processor and more advanced sensors. It has reached a point of being a truly indispensable device due to its health features as stipulated in Apple’s vision.

Apple series 4 Display

Apple Series 4 features have been newly modified. Their initial thick bezel on the watch display has been stripped away bringing the screen nearly to the edge. A big difference has been made since series four models are slightly larger compared to its predecessors. The newly designed apple watch has taken advantage of the space on its bright display screen.

The icons hence are larger and more detailed thus easier to capture and read notifications. The new watch is capable of delivering information as needed. There is instant access of weather data, workout mode and music, alongside there is date, time and battery percentage. This watch is preferred and be kept simple.

Apple Series 4 new additions

The Apple industry has modified the size of this watch with an additional of few millimeters making it bigger. Those millimeters make a big difference on such a small wristwatch. This watch has been recognized as a must-have device. It is capable of taking electrocardiograms and an atrial fibrillation feature is easily available. Existing cardiologists are concerned in this ECG app saying it is capable of delivering unfortunates to people. But these false positives can only be avoided through time and review of the data.

The above series four watch provides the user with actionable notifications. It may concern the heart rates, whether high or low, heartbeat rhythm, regular or irregular, and others. The information then is sent to the doctor for an incredible checkup to enhance effective treatment.

Apple series 4 Performance

The series 4 watch has really improved in its due performance compared to its predecessors. When it comes to cases of downloading emails, in the watch mail app it just takes seconds performing just like a smartphone. The Apple series 3 and 4 are so quick in performance compared to smartwatches running on Google’s wear OS. This concludes that Apple is emerging far ahead when it comes to processing power for smartwatches.

The Apple Watch Series 4 has a battery life of about two days. That slightly better than most iPhones which usually get charged time over time. The watch also supports offline podcast syncing working for Apple podcast or third party apps. This watch is also an excellent fitness tracker. The newest version of watches packed with redesigned features has made series 4 Watch very useful.  This challenges competitors by tracking new running metrics as well as tracking exercise without launching a workout.

However, the watch is not yet perfect. The industry is trying to improve cellular reception on series 4, thus offering better services. Its expensive price is also being worked upon in the near future.