Several attributes contribute to the comparison of the two types of phones.The Android phones and the iphone. These attributes vary and can be termed as comprehensive

Choice of device

The choice of device is one major advantage the Android phone has. The iPhone is limited to ti the latest iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus as the latest models. On the other hand Android phones are many in the market and a user can be spoilt for choice. Regarding which one to choose from popular examples are the Samsung Galaxy devices, HTC and the Siemens devices. In regards to the screen sizes also the iPhone is restricted to maximum screen size of 5.2 inches. The android counterparts have a range of screen sizes and even extend to 6 inches.
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File systems

The file system is utilized when moving files from the device to a PC and vice versa. Android devices adopt the plug and play functionality in that when connected to a PC. The folders on the device are displayed in the explorer interface on the PC. This then makes it simple to drag and drop files at will to the device from the PC and from the device to the PC. The iPhone on the other hand requires the installation of the iTunes software to be able to synchronize the PC and the device. The iPhone is designed in such a way that you cannot see the file system on the device.

Widgets and Multitasking

Widget make it easy to access apps. Widgets have been a major feature in android devices. IPhone recently introduced widgets in the iOS 8 operating system but it still is not as efficient as the Android phones counterpart. On multitasking it is possible to watch a movie and browse the internet at the same time in Android phones by having a double screen or splitting the screen into two. This is still not possible in the iPhone devices.

Battery Serviceability

Nearly all Android phones have removable batteries. This is an advantage in that they are easily serviceable and in case you have to change the battery, there is no complication. The iPhone on the other had has an inbuilt battery whereby in case the battery life has expire there is no option but to change the device.

MicroSD expansion

Most if not all Android devices have a microSD expansion slot. This means that you can increase the storage capacity to the do double or even quadruple the existing storage. The iPhone on the other hand does not have this slot in place and in order to increase your storage, you just have to purchase a new device of higher storage capacity.

Android phones Customization

Android phones offer a wide variety of customization using third party software like you can be able to change the themes by downloading desired themes from the play store. You can also change customize the keyboard to what you like. IPhone though easy and simple to use do not have the option of customization. Though the new iOS 8 is aping the Android counterpart but still has imitations in terms of what is downloadable from the play store as compared to the iTunes app store.